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Avatar Phoenix 2013 VIP set

Available for: Phoenix Comicon 2013  


A huge set for only $185! Over $600 in value and limited to only 150 VIP Sets! Avatar VIP packages are the ultimate convention experience!

In addition to a 4-day membership to the convention, and an exclusive Avatar VIP badge, this package is filled with the best merchandise and graphic novels! Including an huge Avatar Graphic Novel Library with 13 graphic novels, 8 horror Art Prints, special VIP covers and limited editions, a card set, exclusive Crossed Merchandise, and special access to the autograph lines! It’s over $600 retail value for only $185! Only 150 will be sold, and we sell out every year, so please grab one right away! Check out the sections below to see the huge volume of items this package contains (it is so much stuff, not everything listed and included is pictured).

All Avatar guests Autograph Access – all VIPs get to line up first for Kieron Gillen, Si Spurrier, Christos Gage and Caanan White and get up to 30 items signed from each!

Price: $185.00

Tickets in Package

4-day membership pass plus Avatar VIP badge

Graphic Novels in Package

Avatar Graphic Novel Library ? 13 Avatar graphic novels! Immerse yourself in the best Avatar has to offer with this massive collection of graphic novels by Warren Ellis, Garth Ennis, George RR Martin, Alan Moore and more! Included are:

  • Black Summer TPB
  • No Hero TPB
  • Supergod TPB
  • Ignition City TPB
  • Doktor Sleepless Vol 1 TPB
  • 303 TPB
  • BlackGas TPB
  • Crossed Vol 4 TPB
  • Dicks Vol 1 TPB
  • Light of Thy Countenance GN
  • A Small Killing GN
  • Wolfskin Vol 2 TPB
  • Fevre Dream TPB
  • (not all items pictured below)



Special Comics in Package

Each set includes these amazing limited edition comics:

  • Crossed: Badlands #25 Phoenix VIP – This horrifically scarce edition is only available with VIP sets and is limited to just 350 copies!
  • Uber #1 Phoenix VIP – This rare edition is only available with VIP sets and is limited to just 350 copies!
  • Absolution #1 Big Apple, 2-6 Vigilante Editions – All six of the original series very rare retailer order incentives!
  • Night of the Living Dead #1-5 Classic Movie Poster Editions – The five very cool and very limited Movie Poster-style covers!

(not all items pictured below)



Merchandise in Package

Also included is this fantastic merchandise: 

  •  Crossed Binoculars – Keep your eyes on the horizon and stay alive with these handy binoculars! 
  •  Crossed Messenger Bag -A handy way to carry your vital documents around with this 14 x 12 bag! 
  •  Crossed Series 1 Trading Card Set 
  •  Horror Art Prints- An amazing set of 8 terrifying art prints! Featuring covers from Night of the Living Dead, Crossed and Escape of the Living Dead!