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Boundless New York Comic Con 2012 VIP Set

Available for: New York Comic Con 2012  


A huge set for only $299! 
Over $850 in value and limited to only 15 VIP Sets!  Avatar VIP packages are the ultimate convention experience!  In addition to a 4-day pass to the show and a Boundless VIP badge, this package is filled with
the best merchandise and graphic novels!  Including a complete Boundless Graphic Novel Library with 6 graphic
novels, eight Lady Death Art Prints, a set of War Goddess Art Nouveau covers, a
special Lady Death VIP set, an amazing original art Lady Death sketch cover, an
unbelievable set of 16 vintage Avatar Lady Death Leather covers, and special
access to all Avatar/Boundless signings! It’s over $850 retail value for only $299!
Only 15 will be sold, so please grab one right away! Check out the sections
below to see the huge volume of items this package contains (it is so much
stuff, not everything listed and included is pictured).

Special Garth Ennis Autograph Access – all VIPs get to line up first for his Saturday signing and get up to 30 items signed!

All Avatar guests Autograph Access – all VIPs get to line up
first for Jacen Burrows, David Hine, Mike Wolfer, Facundo Percio, Si Spurrier
and get up to 30 items signed from each!

Price: $299.00

Tickets in Package

4-day Ticket + Boundless VIP Pass

Graphic Novels in Package

Boundless Graphic Novel Library ? 6 Boundless graphic novels! Get completly up-to-date with all six of the Boundless graphic novels
released so far!  Included are: Lady
Death Origins Vol 1, Lady Death Origins Vol 2, Lady Death Vol 1, Lady Death Vol
2, War Goddess Vol 1, and the huge 500 page Art of Lady Death Hardcover!  (not all items pictured below)



Special Comics in Package

Lady Death: Cursed #2 VIP set – This set featuring Lady Death in classic movie bikinis comes with all four daily covers and the VIP set-only
edition.   Limited to just 250 sets!

War Goddess #1-9 Art Nouveau cover set – The complete set of the rare Art Nouveau covers that were only available as retailer incentives!

Lady Death Original Art sketch cover by Matt Martin  – each copy features an original and unique cover from fan-favorite cover artist Matt Martin!

Lady Death Leather cover set – The ultimate Lady Death collectables, this is a set of 16 of the amazing Leather covers from the
original Avatar run of Lady Death. These very rare and expensive covers are
tough to track down.  We present an
astounding set of sixteen Leather covers including:  Lady Death Wicked #1/2, Lady Death Vs War
Angel #1, Lady Death Swimsuit 2005, Lady Death Swimsuit 2007, Lady Death
Sacrilege #1, Lady Death Leather & Lace 2005, Lady Death Blacklands #1/2,
Lady Death Blacklands #1, Lady Death Art of Juan Jose Ryp, Lady Death Annual
#1, Lady Death Abandon AH #1/2, Lady Death 2005 Bikini, Lady Death 10th Ann #1,
Lady Death Shi #1, Lady Death Warrior Temptress, and Lady Death Pirate Queen!



Merchandise in Package

Lady Death Art Prints- An amazing set of 8 Lady Death art prints!  Featuring covers from the original Avatar series!