William Christensen

Avatar Press Editor-in-Chief


Avatar Press editor-in-chief William Christensen’s 20-year career in
the comics has included contributions in publishing, writing, and comic industry journalism.  Christensen was
a prolific freelancer for Wizard during the magazine’s formative years in the early 90’s, and went on to work with  90’s indy powerhouse Chaos! Comics in various capacities.  His first comic book writing credit was in the 1995 series Chaos! Quarterly.

After founding Avatar in 1996, Christensen became the
architect of much of the early company line, including Pandora and The
Ravening. As Editor-in-Chief of Avatar, he has become known for establishing Avatar’s famous policy of creative freedom as well as his knack for
working with the industry’s best writers, including Warren Ellis, Alan Moore,
and Garth Ennis.