New This Week ? CROSSED: BADLANDS #14 New Arc/Creative Team

David Hine (X-Men, Darkness)?and artist George Duarte join the ranks of the Crossed with their first horrifying Badlands arc:? ?The Golden Road.?? A hedonistic party is taking place at a writers retreat in famous author Gideon Welles? estate.? Eight self-centered college students are secluded with no contact to the outside world in order to find the true meaning in their lives.? But when the Crossed plague hits their town they soon find that the carefully constructed fantasy world is a far cry from the misery and agony of infection.

There is no hope.? There is no help.? There is only the Crossed.

Enjoy this Preview!

Available with a Regular cover by?Jacen Burrows, a Wraparound by?Oscar Jimenez, and a Torture by?Gianluca Pagliarani:

CROSSED: BADLANDS #14 Regular Edition
Cover by?Jacen Burrows
$3.99 US Retail, Item Code:?JUL120804

CROSSED: BADLANDS #14 Wrap Edition
Cover by Oscar Jimenez
$3.99 US Retail, Item Code:?JUL120805

CROSSED: BADLANDS #14 Torture Edition
Cover by Gianluca Pagliarani
$3.99 US Retail, Item Code:?JUL120806
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  • qp

    Looking forward to what this team will do with the Crossed. Even more to see Zombies in the Crossed? typo?
    the professor looks long winded, so hopefully Hine wont spend too much on his ramblings. how long is this arc, im guessing 5 since the apocalypse starts w/ #19.

  • qp

    no zombies, 1page of crossed & plenty of the grant Morrisson doppelganger. some gore, just gearing up i guess.

  • fto

    Crossed comics are really predictable: everybody gets fucked and/ or killed in the end. The first story was the best and it should have continued instead of that incredibly disappointing end. All this gore alone is pointless.

  • qp

    i think they are great, and totally sick. i think i understand some critics, but i dont think its that repetitive. a return to the original survivors would be great, but Ennis has rules against it apparently. Since then we have seen various survivors and even one return! with any luck we we see more of that, helping to construct a common world feel. but i expect death and torture are the standards in this ecosystem, so probably cameos will be few and far between.

    This title is not really written like much else, and i for one am enjoying the pointless gore, almost aas much as the really good stuff. art, colors, design, writing… its all been pretty great. Spurrier has been the only disappointment, for me. and his work has been damn good, when its not the wanking chapters.

    its interesting how most arcs seem to start at “day 0″ if you will. i guess this allows for more chatter and character development. as long as it doesn’t take too long to see the real stars of the show. Hopefully more writers will be able to write and develop on the fly. Lapham’s most recent arc did well at that.
    Keep it up folks, im on till #19!

  • Crossed fucker

    Your a fuckin moron! This series rules! I want more!!