Justin Jordan Discusses Dark Gods

DarkGods1-DietyCrossed scribe Justin Jordan talked to Bleeding Cool this week about his upcoming new ongoing series Dark Gods that is featured in the September Previews (in stores now).  In discussing what the Dark Gods actually are, Jordan told BC:

“The primordial chaos in Dark Gods was what came before our universe. It’s fundamentally incomprehensible to human minds which, frankly, is probably true of what came before the universe in the real world. It’s like trying to wrap your brain around time as a dimension. You can only intellectually understand that kind of stuff.

Dark Gods 0116 copyBut chaos… well, the thing is, chaos is a human construct. Chaos is only chaos because we don’t have, can’t have, all the information. If you had complete knowledge of the pre existing rules and conditions, nothing would be classified as chaos, anymore than the shape of a rose is chaos.

Now, the premise in the world Dark Gods takes place in is that the universe is shaped, at least partly, by human minds. We believe in order, and that order becomes imposed on the universe, and that keeps the creatures of chaos out. They can’t exist here, not as they are.

Dark Gods 0115 copySo they need to erode our combined beliefs. If everyone believes something different, than reality becomes flexible enough to let them in, to give them a space to occupy. Unfortunately, we humans like order. Love order.

The Dark Gods aren’t precisely evil by nature. But things that create chaos empower them, and so they certainly seem evil here, at least most of the time. And I think it’s pretty reasonable to ask, is there a difference between that and actually being evil?”

Jordan, who gained a strong fan following with his Strange Talent of Luther Strode comic series, addresses the horrors of Dark Gods as somewhat “anti-Lovecraftian.”  In respect to the series going into the DG_NOBILE_page07 copypsychological territory of H.P. Lovecraft he had this to say:

“I think it’d be hard to write horror and not be influenced by Lovecraft, honestly. He’s pretty fundamental to what horror has become in modern pop culture. And there’s definitely some of Lovecraft here, in the sense that the universe is darker than we think. Weirder than we think.

But at the same time, Dark Gods is kind of anti-Lovecraftian. The real horror in Lovecraft’s work isn’t tentacles and cosmic entities. The real horror is that we don’t matter. The universe is vast and cold and utterly indifferent to humanity. Not even indifferent, unaware.

I think that’s the essence of the Lovecraftian variety of cosmic horror. Dark Gods goes with DarkGods1-Sirenthe opposite idea: humans are hugely important, and the universe is actively out to torture and destroy us. It’s a malevolent reality.

And I don’t think that’s incompatible with the idea that these things aren’t precisely evil in the sense that humans would understand. Our suffering helps them, so they want us to suffer.”

Dark Gods is a new ongoing series that will be on sale in November.  Check with your local comics retailer to reserve copies of the first issue and prepare for age of chaos to return to the world in Dark Gods #1.

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Enter Vermintown Again

DisenchantedVol2Simon Spurrier’s Disenchanted web comic is redefining modern fantasy tales with a hard edged crime noir flavor.  In the sprawling miniature city that holds all the wee people from pixies to sprites to goblins, contemporary vices of drugs, violence, and prostitution have turned the fairy folk from shining fancy creatures to soiled degenerates.

A new chapter of this riviting tale is collected in Disenchanted Vol 2 Trade Paperback in the September issue of Previews.  Stop by your local comic shop to find the first chapter and reserve your copy of this powerful story about where magic went to die.


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Violence, crime, drug use, and racism rule on the streets of Vermintown. SIMON SPURRIER has created a fascinating city of angry fairy folk that have become far too much like the human race that no longer believes in them. The smash-hit web comic takes you into a metropolis of vices that unflinchingly shows us what happened to the fairy folk of yesteryear. Now this living and breathing city holds a darkness that has rotted it to the core. Vermintown is where magic went to die. And in its streets the worst evils in us are now poisoning the last remaining magics in the world. Disenchanted will change the way you look at fairy tales forever. This volume collects the complete second arc of the weekly web series www.disenchantedcomic.com.

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God is Dead Vol 3 TPB in September Previews

Fans have been hooked on the world that Jonathan Hickman created in the pages of God is Dead.  Series author Mike Costa has taken this original world and pushed it to an insane level.  Jesus has returned to the world and brought with him the miracle of everlasting life on Earth.  But with the petulant gods still fighting among themselves and leveling the world alongside the heavens, living forever is more a curse than a blessing.

This third chapter takes readers to a world that is being devoured by darkness and pushes them headlong into the abyss.  Ask your local retailer to reserve a copy of this latest chapter today:

God is Dead Vol 3 TPB

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Mankind prayed for salvation. As the gods of mythology God-is-Dead-V3fought and destroyed around them, they hoped and spoke in hushed tones of the return of the Christian God. Now Jesus Christ has risen and once again walks among mortals. But thousands of years of recounting the stories of the Bible won’t prepare people for the truth about the All Powerful. They believed that Jesus was the savior of the human race and that he would return to do so again. Now the Son of God has come back but his salvation comes as the most horrific of prices. The most audacious arc of God Is Dead has arrived as MIKE COSTA delivers the intensity and darkness in a world of divine wrath. God is Dead Vol 3 TP collects issues #13 – 18 of the ongoing comic book series.


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Garth Ennis Combat Collection on ComiXology

Garth Ennis has created some of the longest lasting and impacting stories of soldiers and war that comics have ever seen.  From the deserts of Afghanistan in the pages of Stitched to the old west in Streets of Glory, his tales of violent confrontation rank as powerful stories that delve into the bloody nature of humanity.

To celebrate Ennis’ seminal works in this field, three of his pivotal tales have been collected into a special Combat Collection bundle at ComiXology.  The bundle includes 303, Stitched, and Streets of Glory – 19 comics making up three full stories for $18.99 through 8/31.


303 (#1-6)

3031lithoDeep in the mountains of Afghanistan, a dozen Russian special forces soldiers race their British opponents for a secret neither of them can imagine. The Russian leader, a war-weary colonel who knows no other life but conflict, carries old ghosts that refuse to let him be. But the battle that awaits him deep in this ancient land will change his life forever, and send him on a violent journey no sane man would contemplate. The ultimate soldier meets his destiny, in a tale from Garth Ennis, the creator of Preacher


Stitched (#1-7)

Stitched1From the mind of Garth Ennis comes the modern chapter of an ancient horror. Ripped straight from the debut of his first-ever writing/directing effort comes the ongoing comic book continuation of the acclaimed short film, Stitched! The three survivors of an American military helicopter crash discover that there is something even more deadly than the Taliban controlled countryside they find themselves trapped in. Garth Ennis weaves a tale that combines today’s headlines with his trademark vision of the supernatural into a modern horror masterpiece. This new series is certain to appeal to Ennis’ legions of fans as it pushes the envelope of horror beyond the boundaries of sanity and into fresh nightmares.

Streets of Glory (#1-6)

Streets of GloryGarth Ennis re-defines the Western with this sweeping six issue epic. Joe Dunn is one of the last bastions of the old guard drifters, those men that could be trusted to defend the common man with integrity, honor, and if need be, hot steel of death. Dunn has been away from Montana for more than 15 years, lost to all who knew him. Now he comes riding into a small town, Dunn still representing the best of the past, an era quickly fading. But it is 1899, the way things are done is changing, the future is coming. But before he is done making things right, the bodies will pile up while the streets run red with glorious blood. Ennis teams with Mike Wolfer for this epic full color series that promises to thrill every fan of Garth’s powerful story-telling and brutal violence.


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The Last Diary Entry – Crossed Wish You Were Here Vol 4 TPB

CrossedWYWHvol4HCFans of Crossed have followed along with former comic book writer, Shaky and his acquaintances on the island of Cava for the past two plus years at www.crossedcomic.com as the scribe detailed his sordid life among the survivors.  His story came full circle recently as the final chapter of the free webcomic revealed the ultimate fate of the star crossed lovers.  In what was the first long form Crossed story to span a significant period of time, fans were able to truly get to know the characters, their flaws, and their hidden CrossedWYWHvol4TPBhorrors.  And the tension leading up to the final installment revealed a level of attachment to them despite their many failings as a community.

Simon Spurrier has crafted a story that transcends the miserable landscape of the Crossed and details the horrors that people hide inside as they strive to survive the impossible.  The final chapter of Crossed: Wish You Were Here is collected in volume four of the trade paperback series.

Stop at your local comic shop to read the last moments and see what peace can be salvaged in a world of maniacs.

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Justin Jordan Welcomes the Dark Gods

DarkGods1-Diety Avatar Press is giving a sneak peek at Justin Jordan’s new ongoing horror series, Dark Gods.  The series will debut in November and follows the reemergence of the things of nightmare into the modern world.  What would happen if giant creatures from other dimensions began to appear and wreak havoc across the globe?  How would it impact DarkGods1-Sirencrumbling city infrastructures and the fragile grasp of sanity that the human race clings to?  This series answers those questions with terrifying clarity as artist German Erramouspe lends his incredible art to bring this vision of horror to life.  Fans of giant monsters, H.P. Lovecraft, and dark comic storytelling will love this new tale by Jordan.

Dark Gods #1

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Justin Jordan is unleashed in an epic all-new, ongoing series!   DarkGods1-WrapMurdock leads The Storm, humanities last line of defense against the brewing Primordial Chaos and The Serpent, Tiamet herself!  But her children slowly emerge ahead of her return, as human-monster hybrids inflicting horrors in their wake. The Storm has to keep this bottled up, prevent the rest of humanity from breaking into panic, and hold back the flood of horrors that come with the return of the original evils, the Dark Gods themselves!   Available with DarkGods1-regRegular and Wraparound cover from series artist German Erramouspe, sultry Siren cover from Christian Zanier, a fully-painted Deity cover by Michael DiPascale, and a special Nightmare Retailer Order Incentive cover also by Zanier.

Look for more information about this terrifying new ongoing series in the Avatar Press section of the September Previews issue at your local comic shop!

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War Stories Soar at Avatar

WarStories1-regularGarth Ennis is well known for riveting tales of battlefield heroics and horror.  In October, his War Stories series will find a new home at Avatar Press and will begin to unleash tales from every era of conflict.  The first story titled “Castles in the Sky” centers around a bomber pilot and the terribly difficult missions these early aviators were asked to undertake.  You can expect that Ennis will bring his WarStores1-NoseArttrademark flare for spot-on dialogue and unflinching delivery of high tension drama to every page of this new ongoing comic book.

This new series will allow Ennis to tell stories from conflicts across the spectrum of warfare.  He has scoured the timeline for the most harrowing tales of valor and bloodshed from history’s most violent battles and has put together fiercely moving and WarStories1-wraptragic narratives presented in these pages.  If you enjoy war tales or simply moving tales of human tragedy and victory, this is a must read series for you.

Ask your local comic shop retailer to reserve a copy of War Stories #1 for you today.

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Comic Shop Spotlight: Uber Vol 1 TPB

UberV1TPBAs you cruise by the comic shop looking for the newest comics today, take a moment to find Uber in the Trade Paperbacks section.  If you have not been reading this series by Kieron Gillen and Caanan White, you have been missing out on one of the gems of the past couple of years.  Steeped in real history, this fictional series introduces super human soldiers into the waning days of World War II.  The resulting story is a gripping and unrelenting look at a brutal third act to the war.

Kieron GillenGillen is known for his incredible characterization on series like Phonogram and Journey into Mystery.  He brings that same passion to this project and delivers a powerful narrative that will impact you.  If you ever wondered what the mass development of super soldiers could mean to a military conflict, you have to read Uber.  It is a horrifying look into the past where weapons technology turns to organic monsters to change the course of world conflict.

Check with your local retailer to get a copy of Uber Vol 1 TP out in comic shops now.

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Avatar Press to Exhibit at Baltimore Comic Con

Baltimore Comic-Con

Its only a few weeks away from the Baltimore Comic Con and Avatar Press will be rolling in to Charm City with comics, exclusives, and the one and only horror icon, creator Mike mikewolfer (3)Wolfer.  From Friday the 13th to Gravel: Combat Magician, Wolfer has covered the gamut of horror icons in comics. This year’s Baltimore Comic Con is bigger and better than ever spanning three days for the first time ever.  Friday September 5th through Sunday the 7th, publishers, creators, retailers, and fans will be gathered to celebrate everything comic related in the great city of Baltimore.

We invite you to swing by the Avatar booths #2208-2209 AvatarPressLogoand bring your favorite comics to get signed by Mike Wolfer and James Kuhoric.  Find out the latest from the world of Avatar and get insight into upcoming projects right from the source.  We are looking forward to seeing you at the show!

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Avatar’s October Gems

Local comic shops are placing their orders for the best books in August Previews highlighting the comics and trades due out in October.  There are three big new projects that Avatar fans can’t miss:

Garth Ennis’ War Stories #1

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Garth Ennis’ War Stories find a new home at Avatar with the WarStories1-regularlaunch of this ongoing monthly! Pulling tales from real conflicts throughout modern history, this series is where a master storyteller brings the horrors of war to life in comics. Ennis travels the timeline to pull some of the most harrowing tales of valor and bloodshed from history’s most WarStores1-NoseArtviolent battles with his trademark wit and spot-on dialogue to show the humanity within the inhuman horrors. The first story is Castles in the Sky, a tale of early bomber pilots and their incredibly difficult missions. Available with Regular, Wraparound, Good Girl Nose Art, and Battle Damage Retailer Incentive covers by Matt Martin.

Crossed Vol 1o TPB

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      GARTH ENNIS returns to the horrifyingly brutal world he CrossedVol10TPBCrossedVol10TPBcreated with a story that fans have waited over five years for! The Crossed outbreak created a miserable grueling world of monsters that dash out all hope of survival and ensures a terrifying end to everything in their path. For the first time, master storyteller Garth Ennis takes you back to the early days of outbreak and delivers the unexpected – a patient zero tale. With the outbreak spreading like wildfire across the globe, a group of CrossedVol10HCsoldiers attempt to piece together how the disease spread so quickly and to reverse the horror they see taking place in the streets. And as they struggle to catch up with events, a fleet of nuclear-armed planes carry the extinction of the human race as they race towards America, with only one British flight crew to stand in their way. No one can deliver this level of poignant horror like Garth Ennis. In a world where there is no help and there is no hope…there is only the Crossed. Crossed Vol 10 collects the story Thin Red Line from issues 50 – 56 of the ongoing Crossed: Badlands series. Available as both a TPB and Hardcover.

Crossed Special 2014

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:     Justin Jordan locks us in our nightmares as this Special takes Crossed2014Special-Regus to Federal Prison! Jesse Bullock is not a good man, but a very hard man. Down for armed robbery and assault, the only crimes they were able to prove, he has but one good quality: he loves his cousin Otis. When they end up imprisoned at the same jail, Jesse intentionally gets himself Crossed2014Special-Torturedenied parole to make sure he’s there to protect Otis, who isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. But that job gets much harder when the Crossed spread inside those escape-proof walls! Jordan and artist Fernando (Stitched, Crossed) Heinz unleashes this new oversized horror tale that will scar your fragile mind with depraved misery. Available with Regular, Wraparound, Torture and Red Crossed Retailer Order Incentive covers by Gabriel Andrade. Also as special 4 cover Pool Party set, with art by Matt Martin, that is limited to just 500 sets!

Check with your local comics retailer to reserve copies of these frightening new October titles.


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