Preview cover by Di Amorim



Brian Pulido's BELLADONNA
Story: Brian Pulido
Art: Clint Hilinski
Covers: Hilinski, Di Amorim, Paulo Siqueira, and others
Readership: All ages
Format: mini-series

Brian Pulido arrives at Avatar! Pulido unveils here the first of his dark new offerings, Belladonna, the story of a animal-controlling witch in Ireland 951 AD. She wants nothing more than a quiet ordinary life, but the Viking hordes ruin and kill everything she loves and drive her to unleash her vengeance. Contained without are the designs for the character, notes from Pulido on his development of the character, pages from the story and other exclusive material you won't find anywhere else! This Preview issue also features variant covers by Paulo Siqueira (artist on the upcoming Pulido book GYPSY) and Di Amorim (artist on the upcoming Pulido book UNHOLY)

Belladonna #1 is available for preorder now at a comic retailer near you. Please ask your local comic retailer to reserve it for you today!

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