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Readership: Mature Readers
Format: Series of mini-series, one-shots, short story serials, and trade paperbacks

Considered by many to be one of Avatar's flagship characters, Pandora was the very first creation published by Avatar Press -- the original Pandora #1, released in November 1996, was Avatar's debut release. Ever since, the mysterious and alluring Girl of Myth has proven to be one of Avatar's most popular and enduring characters, starring in numerous mini-series, specials, Threshold serials, and crossovers (including Pandora/Avengelyne, and Pandora/Razor).

Centuries old but with body and spirit as young and strong as the day she was created, Pandora's saga has encompassed a huge variety of stories -- from the epic heights of myth to the horror of the denizens of Hell itself, from the drama of open struggle and war to the furtive intrigue of the conflict with the demons who hide among us, Pandora's story has unfolded with ancient magic and modern science, old enemies struggling in the new world.

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You know part of the story...

Thousands of years ago, Zeus created the perfect woman. A woman of such beauty, intelligence, and power, that even the gods admired her.

They all gave her gifts of great power and importance. Zeus himself gave her an elaborate chest, and told her not to open it.

She opened it anyway. And into the world flew evil in all its myriad forms -- including the demonkind and much, much worse.

But the perfect woman lived on. She decided to fight the evil she had set free.

She fights it still.