Stargate SG-1
convention special painted cover by Renato Guedes

convention special photo cover

This Convention Special, scheduled for an August 2003 release, features an all-new full color story as well as tons of information on the new line of Stargate SG-1 comics that launches this Fall! Pinned down by enemy fire Teal'c and Master Bra'tac face certain death. The only thing standing between their capture and execution as traitors to the murderous Goa'uld Apophis is Colonel Jack O'Neill and the SG1 team. Can the upstart warriors of Earth save the fledgling resistance movement or will the hopes of freedom for the Jaffa be crushed beneath the boots of Goa'uld oppression once and for all? There are two different covers available for this convention special -- painted cover and photo cover.

The Stargate SG-1 Convention Special will be available at your local comic store as well as at this year's Atlanta Dragon*Con, and for those who can't get it locally or at the show, we'll have it available for order direct from Avatar shortly. For those who frequent their local comic shops, please support this release by asking your local retailer to carry it. It will be available for your retailer to preorder in their next order catalog (the June 2003 Previews catalog for items scheduled to ship beginning in August). We know there's strong support among the fans for Stargate SG-1 comics (thanks for the website and forum postings, as well as the email, and keep it coming) and it's important that retailers know that as well so they can order accordingly.

The first Stargate SG-1 comic, the Stargate SG-1 Convention Special, will be available for preorder from retailers beginning May 28 or 29 (more info here) and is scheduled to be in stores in August - let your retailer know that you want this special!

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