Threshold #51 Lookers


Readership: Mature Readers
Format: B&W anthology of 3-5 separate stories per issue, ongoing series published 4-6 times per year

Launched in 1998, Threshold has become the premiere anthology on the indy comics scene over the past five years -- and the longest currently-running American anthology comic title in the direct market.

A title that has been called the American indy scene's answer to some of the world's best-known comics anthologies such as Heavy Metal and others , Threshold has encompassed a huge variety of stories for the mature readership including horror, science fiction, sword and sorcery, jungle fantasy, erotica, adventure, manga, and more.

Threshold has featured characters and titles such as Pandora, The Ravening, Webwitch, Lookers, the Furies, Fauna, Faust/777, Razor, Widow, Snowman, Nira X, Kaos Moon, Cuda, Dark Blue, and dozens of others by creators such as Warren Ellis, Tim Vigil, David Quinn, Mike Wolfer, Al Rio, Jacen Burrows, Matt Martin, Sean Shaw, Rick Lyon, Bill Maus, Matt Martin, David Boller, Phil Xavier, Robert Lugibihl, and many, many more.

About to reach its 50th issue -- an almost unheard-of achievement for an indy title launched in recent times, Threshold celebrates this landmark with a huge squarebound anniversary issue.

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