Fans of 300 Should Check Out Upcoming Ellis Epic, Crecy.

We’ve made a lot of changes to in the first few months of this year, but checking out our site stats over that period, one thing has stayed the same — the Frank Miller Robocop section is consistently the most-visited page on the site besides the front page. So for those of you who are have come here from google and wikipedia because you liked 300, here’s something else you should look into:

Warren Ellis’ CR?CY, the latest graphic novel from his Apparat line of books, will be released this July through Avatar Press and feature the art of international sensation Raulo Caceres. The 48 page graphic novel tells the legendary tale of an English army’s battle against a vastly superior number of French forces in the 14th century. Like Miller’s movie-inspiring comic, CR?CY is a comic from one of the most highly regarded creators in the industry writing about one of history’s greatest battles.

“I’ve wanted to do a historical project for years,” says creator/writer Warren Ellis. “And CRÉCY is, as you say, one of the great English stories. These are the stories we used to tell each other in drinking halls, and it’s nice to keep that alive, even as a curiosity. It’s just a brilliant story.” In the 14th century, an under-equipped English army is driven to face a surmounting force behind enemy lines, and the ensuing battle will change modern warfare.

“The French response to (the battle of) Crécy says it all,” explains Ellis. “That the flower of French aristocracy was destroyed at Crécy by ‘men of no value’ — by which the writer meant ordinary Englishmen, peasants, the common people.”

Raulo Caceres, the artist of the upcoming licensed comic 2001 Maniacs, will draw Ellis’ new Apparat graphic novel. “I wanted a real sense of environment,” notes Ellis. “And the historical elements had to be accurate. There’s a long tradition of historical comics in Europe, of course, and a European artist only made sense. Raulo is nailing it.” CRÉCY also features a stunning painted cover by Avatar Press artist Felipe Massafera.

Check out preview artwork from Crecy at

Warren Ellis will attend the 2007 San Diego Comic Con this year as an exclusive guest of Avatar Press where he will come to promote such new-releases as CRECY and BLACK SUMMER. He will also be featured at a couple of the most anticipated panels at the SDCC where he will discuss new and upcoming series including CRECY.

Warren Ellis CRECY Graphic Novel
US $6.99
Cover: Felipe Massafera
Writer: Warren Ellis
Art: Raulo Caceres
Readership: MR
Format: B&W, 48 pages

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: An original graphic novel from Warren Ellis and his Apparat line of books! A highly trained but under equipped army invades another country due to that country’s perceived threat to home security. The army conducts shock-and-awe raids designed to terrify the populace. This army is soon driven to ground, and vastly outnumbered. The English army has to stand and fight, in Crecy, France. On 26 August 1346, modern warfare changed forever. This is the story of England’s greatest battle. Featuring the stunningly detailed art of Raulo Caceres.

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