Artist Jeremy Rock talks about Narcopolis

The release of famed writer Jamie Delano’s new series, NARCOPOLIS, is around the corner, and Avatar Press is just as excited as fans and industry press have shown themselves to be. This four-part miniseries features full-color art from the incredible Jeremy Rock, who lent us some of his time to talk about his art and recent work with Delano.


How many times will you read through a script, or series of scripts, before beginning to adapt it to the page? And considering NARCOPOLIS is such a theme-driven, socio-political title, how have these undertones affected your style beyond Delano’s expressed details?

JR: I usually read a script two or three times to get a clear understanding of all the themes and major plot points. Most of the themes didn’t really affect my overall style but I’m sure illustrating Narcopolis has made me a better artist. I think my growth can even be seen if you compare issue 1 with issues 3 or 4. I constantly pushed the quality of my art to be at the same level as Jamie’s beautifully complex scripts. It’s been an amazing learning experience.Narcopolis #1

What gets you through a day’s work when drawing a new comic?

JR: It changes day to day. I can usually get artistic motivation or inspiration from Steve Skroce, Katsuhiro Otomo, Hayao Miyazaki, Stanley Kubrick, Frank Quitely, Meshuggah, Alan Watts, Frank Cho, Joe Madureira, Norman Rockwell, Sara or caffeine.

What about NARCOPOLIS makes it an interesting series to read?

JR: It’s an unconventional story filled with bizarre writing and detailed art. I imagine Narcopolis might satisfy the appetites of those looking for something very odd or exotic to read.

Do you find this story to be directly relevant to current events, or is it more a general look at one path where society can go wrong?

JR: A little of both really. I like that this story doesn’t try to cram any ideas down your throat or force you to takes sides with any issue. It lets the reader form their own opinions about the themes presented.

Narcopolis #2 Wraparound CoverWhere do you feel series such as NARCOPOLIS should fit into the medium? Considering the industry is still dominated by the same characters that were created several decades ago, do you believe projects such as these — that are more deeply rooted with themes and guided by their consequences — will be the dominating force in comics in the future?

JR: I feel stories like Narcopolis are at their best when published without harsh censorship. Right now Avatar Press is one of the few companies offering that freedom. They allow their writers and artists to genuinely explore new ideas. Only in that sort of uncensored environment will you find stories such as Narcopolis born.

Personally, I think the industry is a complete unbalanced mess. Even though I do enjoy them from time to time, there are far too many superhero books filling the stands. I feel that it’s unhealthy when one genre rules any industry so firmly.


Avatar Press would like to thank Jeremy for taking the time to answer these questions, and for his amazing work in making Narcopolis the next great Avatar series.

For more information about Jeremy Rock, Jamie Delano, and their work on Narcopolis please visit the links provided.

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