ComiXtreme’s Best of 2007

Avatar Press comics snagged two of the top spots in the Best of 2007 article by ComiXtreme’s Editor-in-Chief Andrea Speed. Garth Ennis’ Chronicles of Wormwood was in a tie for the year’s best Horror Comedy series, and Warren Ellis’ Black Summer #0 was noted as the best Story Set Up for a single issue (and yes, Warren did take this category with a half-sized issue.)

The original series by Garth Ennis is available in the CHRONICLES OF WORMWOOD TPB. Also available in an all original graphic novel is the CHRONICLES OF WORMWOOD: The Last Enemy, the next chapter in Danny Wormwood’s blasphemous tale!

Black Summer #0 is still available in stores everywhere as part of BLACK SUMMER ALPHA (also in Standard and Poster Edition,) which collects issues #0 and #1 of the acclaimed series by Warren Ellis and Juan Jose Ryp in one oversized issue.

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