Bookmarks for December 10th, 2008

  • Comic Review – Crossed #02, The Boys #25 and Batman #682 « Andre Navarro – After all, it’s about creatures that go far beyond the mere label of zombie. They THINK, they SCHEME, they do everything in their power to kill people in the most horrible, evil way possible – they even turn on themselves from time to time, as this issue implies, simply to satisfy their overwhelming need to hurt.
  • Jim Hanley’s Universe: Caleb’s Top 5 Comics of 2008 – Black Summer – This violent story kicks off moments after a bloody presidential assassination and only gets more exciting and more violent from there. A fresh new look at one of writer Warren Ellis's favorite themes: "How much of a monster to you have to be to stop monsters?" and adds a liberal dose of "Who decides who's a monster and who's a hero anyway?" Juan Jose Ryps's ultra-detailed art makes every issue feel twice as long as they actually are. And that's a good thing. Great story. Great art. Self-contained. What more could you ask for?
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