A Comicbook Orange reviews Ignition City

A fantastic review of Ignition City from A Comicbook Orange — complete with cosplay!

Ignition City is the last spaceport on an alternate Earth giving up on space travel, and where Mary Raven has come to investigate the death of her spaceman father.

Warren Ellis had been brewing the series for awhile and finally delivered it with all his usual tricks we have come to love; dark humorous dialog, mind-twisting science, and bittersweet characterization.

Gianluca Pagliarani’s art is amazingly detailed; everything, from clothes to aliens to rocketships to rayguns look believable, sometimes to horrifying effect. His characters faces are a bit loose with consistency, and this host is troubled by the number of butt shots. Still, minor compliments for this richly rendered story, especially with the coloring; you can almost feel the grit and grime of the city and its residents.

Ignition City is a great mash-up of frontier living, retro sci-fi, and murder mystery written with modern sensibilities. Pick up the collected hardcover released by Avatar, especially if you like shows like Deadwood and Firefly. We give it 4.5 oranges out of 5.

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