Wow. Several hundred people searched the internet for info on our Absolution series in the past hour. I did mention on twitter that there’s a collection of Volume 1 coming in July, but that’s quite a reaction. Here’s a roundup of what you’re looking for:

And more Absolution issue previews here.

Absolution #2 Crimefiles

And more cover artwork from the series on flickr.

Interviews with series writer Christos Gage on the Flickcast, Ain’t it Cool News, and this video interview:

And from this newsarama interview:

Real-life SVU cops (those who deal with sex crimes and child abuse) are transferred after two years, because the police department has determined that no one can handle what they experience, mentally and emotionally, for very long. John Dusk has been on the job a lot longer than two years?and it’s getting to him. Which doesn’t necessarily mean he’s crazy. It just means he’s had enough.

Any other questions? Lemme know in the comments and I’ll pass them along to Christos.

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