February 2011 Releases in the Store

February 2011 Releases are now available for preorder from your Local Comic Shop and the Avatar store.

See also Dec 2010 and Jan 2011 if you missed ‘em earlier.

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  • Roman

    New Crossed series? Awesome!

    Also, I can’t help but notice that for Neonomicon they only lists the auxiliary covers for #3 (on december) and #4 (on january). But what about the actual issues? Most websites have them listed as late october and late november releases, but obviously that didn’t happen. Is the auxiliary date the actual release date, then?

  • Qpierce413

    so now not only are WormWood and SuperGod WAY far behind.
    so are NotLD and Neonomicon, which just started!
    according to your own release info….
    come on guys!!

  • http://www.avatarpress.com MarkSeifert

    Sorry, wish we were doing better schedule-wise. The conclusion of Supergod is in stores next week. NLD Holiday is out next week. NLD 2 was to press a couple weeks ago so should be out shortly. Wormwood should conclude in December.

  • http://www.avatarpress.com MarkSeifert

    Neonomicon #3 should be out in about 3 weeks. News on #4 when I have it, but should be about a month after that.

  • stygmata

    thanks for all your efforts Mark!

    its just the products are SO good, i good get my fix!!

  • AL

    I see a bagged set for Capt. Swing 1-4 in your Dec 2010 releases. Did I miss something? Were #3 and #4 released individually for us schmucks who bought #1 and #2 individually? WTH