STITCHED Trailer — A Film by Garth Ennis

Avatar Press and Mischief Maker Studios proudly announce that legendary comic book writer Garth Ennis will be premiering his short film, Stitched, at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday evening, July 21, at 8:15 pm in the convention’s Room 6DE. Featuring Ennis’s debut as a filmmaker, Stitched blends supernatural horror with a contemporary war story, creating a terrifying landscape which will be explored further in an ongoing monthly comic book series.

Garth will be signing STITCHED DVDs and his other work at times to be announced at the Avatar booth at San Diego as well. If you?re going to be at San Diego Comic-Con, you can also simply pre-pay for a copy of the Stitched DVD. When you pick-up your copy at the Avatar booth #2701, you will be able to choose a ticket from the available signings for Garth Ennis at SDCC. The DVD can also be preordered now for delivery anywhere.

The fifteen-minute long film is written and directed by Garth Ennis, best known as the writer of such best-selling comic books as Preacher, The Punisher, The Boys, and Crossed. A Mischief Maker Studios production, Stitched was produced by Brian Pulido, Francisca Pulido, and Ed Polgardy. Adam Goldfine served as Director of Photography,while both Garth Ennis and William Christensen, the founder of Avatar Press, served as Executive Producers.

In Stitched, three survivors of an American helicopter crash (played by actors Tank Jones, Lauren Alonzo, and Kate Kugler) struggle across the high mountains of Afghanistan. They’re injured, without food, water, or medicine, and moving through Taliban-controlled territory. Among the sun-bleached rocks, they discover something worse than enemy fighters: an ancient supernatural power — murderous, unstoppable, and serving a twenty-first century evil.

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  • Crossed_Junkie

    Looks like a good start to a promising new series.? I’m looking forward to this.? :D

    PS – Off topic, but any clue as to when stuff from Philly and Calgary are going to be in the webstore?

  • Qpierce413

    Hey are you folks going to put out some comics this month??
    the NotLD TPB2 looks great, but what about the monthly books?!?

    too busy at conventions and movies, i guess…

  • Anonymous

    From Graham Crackers –

    Caligula #1 Wonder Con Edition
    Crossed Psychopath #1 C2E2
    Crossed Psychopath #4 (regular, wraparound, torture, red crossed and auxillary)
    Night?of the Living Dead: Death Valley #1 Wonder Con Edition
    Lady Death #3 Flight cover
    Lady Death #4 auxillary

    Edit – For next Wednesday

  • Qpierce413

    i appreciate your enthusiasm for Avatar comics, used to feel the same way…

    …BUT, alternate covers do NOT equal new monthly books.
    also, i believe it when i see it in person! lol

    fingers “crossed”, that you are right!!
    but even if you are 100% correct, thats only ONE new comic for all of July! wow.