The Bleeding Cool Fan Awards: How to Show Your Avatar Love

If you’re visiting the Avatar Press website, it’s a pretty safe bet that you’re awesome. Truly, truly awesome.

But beyond that undeniable fact, you’re probably a devout supporter of Avatar Press (and its sister company, Boundless Comics) and would like to see Avatar sweep up a ton of recognition at this year’s Bleeding cool Fan Awards!

And heck, even if you would rather vote for some nominated non-Avatar project as the recipient of a Fan Award, we’d understand. All we want is for comic fans to raise their voices and support the Bleeding Cool Fan Awards, however they might vote! Want to know how? Check out below!

Votes can be cast in two ways, both available through the dedicated award page at Bleeding Cool. You can click off your votes on the website itself, and also Tweet your vote by clicking the “Tweet” link. That’s right — you can vote twice!

The deadline for voting is Tuesday, May 22nd. Once all voting has been tallied, the winners will be announced at Phoenix Comicon on Friday, May 25th, at 6:00pm, in room 132BC of the convention hall.

We hope you exercise your right to vote!

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  • Satan’s Rapists

    David Lapham, Ferals and few times and Crossed a few times and Avatar Press, that is how my voting went down.