New This Week ? CROSSED: WISH YOU WERE HERE Graphic Novel

There is something to be said for the look, feel (and smell) of holding a comic book in your hands when reading. Today, the smash-hit Horror web comic, Crossed: Wish You Were Here trade paperback is in print in all its full-color glossy – and gory – glory!

Simon Spurrier (Wolverine: Dangerous Game, Ghost Rider) and Javier Barreno (Crossed: Family Values)?take us on a fresh journey into pain and misery with a new batch of survivors in the brutal Crossed world. This is the story of a writer who witnessed the downfall of London, and now finds himself in the midst of a new community, a new start, on a barren island off the Scottish coast. Pretending, just for a while, that he’s safe, that he’s useful… that he has a future. It won’t last. There’s no sanctuary. No fighting back. No hope. There’s only the Crossed.

Until now, you could only read these issues online, in weekly installments. Avatar Press heard your requests for a printed collected edition, to add to your bookshelf of spine-chilling graphic novels; Crossed Volume One, Crossed Volume Two: Family Values and Crossed Volume Three: Psychopath.

Available in Trade Paperback and Hard Cover, featuring covers by Jacen Burrows!

Price: $19.99
Diamond: JUN120842
ISBN: 9781592911707

FC,?160pg.,?HARD COVER
Price: $27.99
Diamond: JUN120843
ISBN: 9781592911714

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