December Covers Sneak Peek

There are no new Avatar titles shipping this week, so we thought we would share with you an advance look of some of the titles we have shipping in December! Look for full solicit information available here soon.

  • CALIGULA: HEART OF ROME #1 (Regular, Wrap and Gore covers) – The sequel to?David Lapham‘s smash reimagining of the classic story of lust and power starts here
  • FERALS VOLUME 1 (Tarde Paperback, Hard Cover and Limited Ed HC) – The collection of the first amazing story arc of?David Lapham‘s supernatural crime drama
  • FASHION BEAST #4 (Regular, Wrap, Tarot and Haute Couture covers) – A near-future Beauty and Beast story as only?Alan Moore can dream
  • CROSSED BADLANDS #19-20 (Regular, Wrap, Torture and End of the World covers) – The Mayan “End of the World” approaches…
  • NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD AFTERMATH #3 (Regular, Wrap and Gore covers) – The?George Romero zombieverse continues by?David Hine

WARNING: Some of these covers are extremely graphic.

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