New This Week ? STITCHED #8 New Arc/Creative Team

Stitched #8 kicks off an all-new arc which will reveal how the curse of the Stitched began! Having read this issue and the next, I can tell you… Mike Wolfer delivers a story that keeps you riveted and guessing the way great action/suspense films do.

The relentless curse of the Stitched extends its reach beyond the arid desert of Afghanistan in this all-new continuation of Garth Ennis‘ tale of modern warfare and ancient horrors! On a Sri Lanka-bound cargo ship, businessman Rashid Salid and his crew of black market cut-throats is overseeing the delivery of a very secret and very deadly payload.? But Salid’s payday may never come, as a team of American Navy SEALS are on a black ops mission to secure that cargo for themselves.

Before its explosive climax, this startling new story arc by writer Mike Wolfer and new series artist Fernando Furukawa will at last reveal the ungodly origin of the Stitched!

Enjoy this Preview!

Stitched #8 is available with a Regular cover, Wraparound cover, Gore cover, and a special Ancient Evil retailer incentive cover by Fernando Furukawa:

STITCHED #8 Regular Edition
Cover by Fernando Furukawa
$3.99 US Retail, Item Code:?JUL120808

STITCHED #8 Wrap Edition
Cover by Fernando Furukawa
$3.99 US Retail, Item Code:?JUL120809

STITCHED #8 Gore Edition
Cover by Fernando Furukawa
$3.99 US Retail, Item Code:?JUL120810

STITCHED #8 Ancient Evil Incentive?Edition
Cover by Fernando Furukawa
PI, Item Code:?JUL120811
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  • qp

    Alright! Looking forward to seeing he this thread can hook me into this next arc.

  • qp

    Nice work from Wolfer and very nice art from Furukawa! A pretty good issue overall, the only problem being the lack of the Stitched! nada until the last page? ummm, not what i was hoping for to sell me on arc #2, but ill take a look at issue #2 before i decide.
    im hoping this will be a full out monster book, not ‘military meets monsters,upon occasion’. although i guess there a god things to be done with that, as well.

  • Rick Verbanas

    I read the next issue and I can promise you it is all-out action! You won’t be disappointed.

  • Mike Wolfer

    On the appearance- or non appearance- of the Stitched, I approach every story arc as if it were a stand-alone tale, with a gradual introduction of characters and a slow build-up in the action, much like you’d see in a film. When read as a trade paperback, this pacing is absolutely natural and makes for a more clear reading experience. What you saw in STITCHED #8 equates to the first 20 minutes or so of a movie, so the monsters making their appearance at that point feels about right. And if you still look at the story as a film, the first 40 minutes is essentially an action scene. You’ll see what I mean after you read the next issue. All I can say at this point is, “Expect the unexpected.”

  • qp

    Fair enough Mike, i re-read it and it does progress well in and of itself. Im just looking forward to more Stitched! Personally i prefer the high pace and intense action/gore that Avatar does so much better then their competitors.
    it seems like various Avatar titles are paced in a way that read best in trade nowadays, and several seem to work well as prep for TV/movies.
    any comments or thoughts on that?

    keep up the great work!