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Avatar’s Cornucopia of Terror

Its the holiday season and as we get closer to Thanksgiving, we are opening up the Avatar Press Cornucopia of Terror and talking about some of the best graphic novels to share with your comic reading friends and family.  Today … Continue reading

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Summer Reading Gravel

As most of the east coast attempts to survive a brutal heat wave that is breaking records every day, we at Avatar Press continue our summer reading list to help you cool off in the heat of this August. Today … Continue reading

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Diving Into Gravel Combat Magician

Warren Ellis created an unforgettable character in the form of William Gravel.  This tough as nails soldier also happens to be a powerful combat magician.  The series is both incredibly bloody and has exceptional supernatural horror making a one of … Continue reading

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Horror Icon Mike Wolfer Delivers the Crossed

In comic shops everywhere today, horror icon Mike Wolfer’s Crossed story “The Lesser of Two Evils” is collected into Crossed Vol 15 TPB and HC.  This marks the first time that Wolfer has both written and illustrated a tale in … Continue reading

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Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 2/24/16

This is the new Avatar Press item arriving at local comic shops on Wednesday 2/24/16: Crossed Vol 15 TPB PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Comics horror veteran Mike Wolfer writes and illustrates a powerful new chapter in the Crossed saga! After … Continue reading

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Avatar for the Holidays

As everyone focuses their energy on the rapidly approaching holidays, thoughts turn to family and friends.  At Avatar our attention turns to zombies!  Specifically the creatures in Night of the Living Dead Vol 2 Trade Paperback in which horror Maestro Mike … Continue reading

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New in December Previews – Mike Wolfer Delivers The Crossed

Horror comics legend, Mike Wolfer, returns to his roots with a terrifying tale of monsters and maniacs in Crossed Vol 15 TPB.  The collection presents his Crossed: Badlands arc “The Lesser of Two Evils” in a complete trade paperback and … Continue reading

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Avatar’s Halloween Focus – Escape of the Living Dead Resurrected

As the Halloween holiday gets closer and closer, horror fans begin to break out the classic movies and comics to get into the spooky spirit.  One of the forgotten classics of yesteryear is the Escape of the Living Dead.  This … Continue reading

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George RR Martin’s Noir Werewolf Tale Skin Trade Coming to TV

Fans of author George R.R. Martin and his incredible series Game of Thrones have a new treat coming their way soon to the small screen.  Skin Trade, the noir World Fantasy Award winning werewolf story, is being adapted for television … Continue reading

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Avatar Press New to ComiXology 9/30/15

These are the new Avatar Press digital items that are coming to ComiXology Wednesday 9/30/15: Crossed: Badlands #86 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      In the heart-stopping conclusion of “The Lesser of Two Evils,” the remaining bridge survivors must fight for their lives… … Continue reading

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