CROSSED: BADLANDS #15 Sneak Preview

After last issue’s killer first part to David Hine’s new Crossed arc, you can’t wait to see this week’s issue, can you? Well, here is a sneak peek…

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  • qp

    “killer” first issue? are you confused? that was slower then Spurriers WYWH crapola. sure it sets up the characters, but still… 2/3 pages of crossed and nothing but blahblahblah the rest of the issue?? i can understand the need for set-up, but dont bullshit me. Hine wants to ape Morrison, fine… but can we have some the fucking action, gore and horror that Crossed is known for?? apparently yes, but only a tiny little bit that will get played up as a “killer” issue. now Si’s arc is coming so i guess this is a clear sign that Crossed will be boring and masturbatory for some time to come. guess its time to quit it. fucking sad

  • Johansson Neves

    When will bring crossed and other titles for Brazil with weight ? o/

  • qp

    holy crap, crossed is now an soapbox for PETA?? whatever, but still no crossed and plenty of pseudo-intellectual wanking instead. good art and writing but this sample just encourages me to drop this title.

    who cut the balls off this franchise? at least the covers are great.

  • md

    The art in the banner cover is gorgeous. I like the Crossed in the standard cover don’t even seem hostile so much as mildly threatening. Hey, Richard Matheson’s a great author! I can see why the girl would want to finish the book first.

  • Juan de Paz

    I am being slightly disappointed by Badlands. I do apreciate the incertitude and not knowing if the protagonist will even live but after three story arches it has become predictable that EVERYBODY will die or become Crossed. It is hard to become interested on characters that are doomed.