Garth Ennis Reveals Live-Action Crossed, Return to Crossed: Badlands #25

Garth on set of Stitched, his first attempt at directing live action

This past Saturday at the New York Comic Con, Crossed creator, Garth Ennis, announced he is teaming with Avatar Press to create live-action Crossed webisodes.

With an eye on?airing in Fall 2013, they will begin filming in Spring of next year. Ennis will write and direct, while Avatar Press Editor-in-Chief William Christensen will act as Executive Producer. Each webisode “season” will contain six episodes and each will be around 5-6 minutes in length. Ennis explained each episode will be self-contained, but create an over arching narrative to tie them all together. The iconic writer will be pulling from previous published Crossed comics, as well as scripting new material. Ultimately, Ennis and Christensen hope to gain enough interest from the webisodes to create a feature film. The webisodes will likely be Rated R, while the inevitable DVDs will be unrated.

Ennis also announced he will be returning to writing Crossed: Badlands with issue 25. “The Fatal Englishman” will run 4 issues and feature a small military unit who decide it is time to strike back at the Crossed. This arc will tie in to issue 50, which Christensen refers to “Patient Zero,” spotlighting when the outbreak initially started.

To see a video interview with Ennis by Newsarama directly after the big announcement at the Garth Ennis panel at NYCC, click here.

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  • Amdazzler

    Awesome, and can’t wait to read Ennis’ new arc. It’s bound to be good.

  • qp

    worth a try, at least.
    but i hope ennis doesnt wax on too long about that rifle, etc. ennis can really drag things out, hopefully the 4 issue limit will keep it on track. nice to see the originator tho and ill be buying it for sure.

    Congrats to Avatar on all the new projects, i hope film/video doesnt affect the comics too much.but i sorta feels like it already is. so what, i how you get rich and famous anyways. then come back and write horror comics for comics sake.

    PS: fuck tWD

  • Amdazzler

    TWD= The Walking Dead? If so, I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree when it comes to opinions, as I think it’s one of the best shows on air at the moment. But not everyone is going to like the same thing, and I get that.

  • Amdazzler

    Continuing, I haven’t really read the comic itself, but I still think the show’s pretty good.

  • Daniel Nilssen

    Very unfortunate that of all the amazing work Ennis has done, THIS, the absolute rock bottom, is what is chosen for a live action adaption.

  • qp

    a good show for what it is, the comic is far better IMO. or at least it was. it seems to be leaning into whatever TV industry techniques RKirkman has picked up in the writing room for the show. for quite awhile the series has moved away from the zombies and its almost always been a bit of a soap opera.
    ultimately, its good stuff but as an old zombie/monster fan i like these things to stay on the creatures and not use them as gimmicks. eventually they devolve into the same boring apocalypse scenarios.
    Crossed is likely to slide down the same hole, especially if WC/Avatar dream of videos, DVDs and movies. i say keep the intellectuals and IP developers off crossed. it just shouldnt be the place for pseudo intellectual wanking, keep it in the gutters


  • Amdazzler

    How is it the worst? Seems like a lot of his fans enjoy it.

  • Amdazzler

    I see what you mean, and yeah, here’s hoping that doesn’t happen to Crossed.

  • Anonymous

    First few pages of badlands 25 were godawful.
    The British ‘paying back the world by saving it’
    Absolute propaganda. I like Ennis’ stuff, but he really needs to get soldiers cocks out of his mouth.