New This Week: CROSSED: BADLANDS #16

Things get worse for our fictional cast of would-be writers in this week’s?Crossed: Badlands #16, by real-life horror master, David Hine (Night of the Living Dead: Aftermath, The Darkness, Spawn)!

Hine and artist George Duarte have created a story that takes all of our fears about interpersonal relationships and throws them in a bloody blender.? It?s no longer an exercise in self-discovery for our group of egotistical young writers.? Now it?s a lesson in survival and sheer horror as they see their hidden inner desires and excesses turned real as the Crossed virus lets them look at the monsters within.

There is no hope.? There is no help.? There is only the Crossed.

To read a preview of this issue, visit here.

To see a video interviewing David Hine, click here.

Available with a Regular, Wraparound, or Torture cover by Raulo Caceres, and a special Red Crossed Incentive by Caceres.

CROSSED: BADLANDS #16 Regular Edition
Cover by?Raulo Caceres
$3.99, Item Code:?AUG120852

CROSSED: BADLANDS #16 Wrap Edition
Cover by Raulo Caceres
$3.99, Item Code:?AUG120854

CROSSED: BADLANDS #16 Torture Edition
Cover by?Raulo Caceres
$3.99, Item Code:?AUG120853
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  • qp

    nightmares of interpersonal relationships? WTF?? keep it at the therapy sessions Hine…
    im looking for a comic about the Crossed, do you folks have that?

  • Amdazzler

    Nice torture cover.

  • qp

    Very good issue, still a little chatty but the best in the arc so far. for a second i thought Hine was going into something that caught my attention, but it wasonly momentary. nice job bringing in Poe’s MotRD! Great covers.

  • Karmik Anarchist

    Can’t be just me who’s wondering why Grant Morrison is running a writer’s workshop in Buttfuck USA.