New This Week: DICKS #9 by Garth Ennis and John McCrea

It?s Christmas with the Dicks! If you always thought it was a bit obscene to leave a large stiff peppermint stick for a fat old elf, then strap on your jingle bells and get ready to do up the holidays with Dougie and Ivor. Nothing is sacred to these two scallywags and if you think a little holiday cheer is going to have them singing Silent F@#king Night, you got another thing coming. Join Garth Ennis and John McCrea in an exercise in obscenity that will forever taint your yuletide memories.

For a sneak preview, click here.

Dicks #9 Color is available with a Regular cover, a very Offensive cover, and a special Classic B&W cover showing one of the lost Dicks covers of yesteryear – all by series artist John McCrea!

Dicks #9 Regular Edition
Cover by?John McCrea
$3.99, Item Code: AUG120876

Dicks #9 Offensive Edition
Cover by?John McCrea
$3.99, Item Code: AUG120877

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