CROSSED: BADLANDS #21 Sneak Preview ? Amanda Returns!

Many fans talk about David Lapham‘s Crossed Psychopath as the Crossed story that disturbed them the most. Amanda, the survivor from that story, returns in Lapham’s new story arc, with this Wednesday’s Crossed: Badlands #21!

You know you want to check out the sneak peek and see what became of Amanda…

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  • Boberto

    Oh man! Really? just killing innocents now?! A little boy? Amanda?! I know she had an aweful experience, but are you really going to make her the antagonist now? Disappointing….DO NOT TURN HER INTO LORRE DAMMIT!

  • Ramon Ruenes

    There’s a slght chance that the murder sequence in the preview is just imaginary. It’d be a real pity if Amanda adopted Lorre’s psychopathy.