Kieron Gillen Unleashes Uber

Kieron Gillen’s brutal new monthly series, Uber, has fans very excited about learning their history. ?Uber #0, the double sized introduction issue, is scheduled to be in stores on April 3rd. ?But before the tides of war can be influenced by vicious superhuman soldiers, Uber #1 which is featured in the March Previews gives us a few more glimpses of the horrific doomsday weapons before they are unleashed. ?Gillen delivers an incredibly well researched masterpiece that turns WWII into a frighteningly extended race for the development of super soldiers. ?The war is winding down and the inevitable end is coming. ?But with the delivery of limited Ubers into the depleted Nazi forces, the struggle to take Germany and end Hitler’s insanity is facing unexpected resistance. ?And with unchecked madness at the helm, if victory isn’t an option, then making sure everyone is a loser is.

One part historical epic and one part bloody fiction, Uber is an exciting new series that will deliver an incredible dose of drama and violence like no other. ?Ask your retailer to reserve copies today.

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