New This Week: Crossed Vol 5 TP

The Crossed invade comic shops one week before C-Day 2013, when Crossed Vol 5 Trade Paperback debuts this Wednesday 3/6. ?Two brutal tales of misery are presented in this volume by a pair of horror writing Davids. ?David Lapham’s “Yellow Belly” introduces Edmund, a cowardly kid that has a habit of blacking out in stressful times and whose strength may be his cowardice. ?When the Crossed plague hits, Edmund’s family has the unfortunate position of being at a local carnival full of homicidal infected performers, geeks, and clowns. ?If you ever had fears or nightmares about clowns before, this tale (illustrated by Jacen Burrows) will get under your skin in a most unpleasant way. ?David Hine’s “The Golden Road” features a band of college kids looking for enlightenment. ?But is it really a desire to better yourself when you go to a?hedonistic?retreat that is run by a notoriously manipulative author? ?As these kids unlock their own roles and give in to acts of deliberate indulgence, they find themselves at ground zero during the early days of the Crossed plague. ?And they are about to find out that nothing you can unlock in the safe confines of society matches the unchecked violence and depravity of the Crossed.

Collecting issues 240 blood drenched pages of Crossed: Badlands #10 – ?18, the volume is the perfect precursor to the C-Day festivities brewing for March 13th! ?Available in limited signed (750 signed by Burrows and Lapham) and unsigned hardcover editions, that are ideal for bludgeoning your victims or for display on your bookshelf. ?There is no hope. ?There is no help. ?There is only…the Crossed.

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