Previews Featured Item – George RR Martin’s Skin Trade

George RR Martin returns to comics with his World Fantasy Award winning story, Skin Trade! ?Comic shops are talking to their customers and determining how many copies of new comics they should order from the May issue of Previews. ?GRRM’s Skin Trade is designated as a Featured Item for the month, highlighting it as one of the best of the best in independent publishing in May. ?With scripting by Martin’s long-time partner, Daniel Abraham and art by horror legend Mike Wolfer, Skin Trade is set to be one of the must have comics this summer.

Private investigator, Randi Wade sees the ravaged remains of innocent victims that have been savagely murdered and skinned alive. ?As the mysterious secrets of the Blackstone Manor begin to be uncovered, she gets ever closer to the monstrous truth…werewolves are real! ?George RR Martin combines his unmatched creative vision with the?visceral?illustration of Mike Wolfer to create something wholly original and unsettling.

Make sure you ask for your local shop to reserve your copies of Skin Trade #1!

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