June Previews: Crossed Vol 6 Collection

The misery of the Crossed goes gargantuan in August as the new trade paperback and exclusive comic market hard covers deliver 256 pages of grueling horror. ?This new collection includes stories from three masters of misery – Garth Ennis, Simon Spurrier, and David Lapham.

Garth Ennis’ C-Day story arc, “The Fatal Englishman” is presented here in its full glory. ?Always a fan favorite, Ennis has the ability to deliver believable characters and spot-on dialogue that bring extra gravitas to his morbid tales.

Simon Spurrier has delivered some of the most unique Crossed tales ever told. ?His colorful imagination have given us characters that are hard to forget and this short tale, “Crossed Conquers All,” about lovers separated by the horrors of Crossed infection will stick in your gut like a rusty nail.

David Lapham may be crazier than the Crossed. ?His tales are so twisted and morbid that you cringe with one eye shut to see what the next horror he will drag you through will be. ?One thing is certain, his fan favorite character Amanda from Crossed: Psychopath will have her hand full trying to deal with the insanity of “The Livers.”

Three masters of horror painting on the bloody Crossed canvas. ?This is a sure fire must have for horror fans. ?Ask your retailer to reserve you a copy of Crossed Vol 6 TP or tje exclusive comic market HC today.

CrossedVol6HC CrossedVol6TPB

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