Dawn of the Night of the Living Dead Aftermath TP

The original zombie menace is back in the only authorized Night of the Living Dead comic series this week when NOTLD Aftermath Vol 1 TP arrives in comic shops. ?Included in the blood soaked pages is the first story arc by horror author, David Hine, as he presents a tale steeped in the excesses of the late 1970s. ?A decade after the original ghoul outbreaks, life seems mostly normal. ?As the occasional zombie uprising pops up, it is just as quickly put down. ?Things are under control…at least that is what the government keeps telling everyone.

But for a group of unlucky travelers in Las Vegas, they are about to get a front row seat to the events at the end of the world. ?Too quickly this new zombie outbreak spreads and soon they are forced to lead an exodus out of Sin City as waves of cruel undead turn the town into a bloody shambling wasteland.

They’re coming to get you… ?If you like your zombie stories with a little “bite,” this is your zombie tale. ?Get the new trade paper back…before it gets you.



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