New This Week: Crossed Badlands #33

Welcome back, David Lapham! ?Crossed: Badlands #33 is new in stores today and it features the return of one of the most prolific Crossed writers and one of the fan favorite characters, Amanda from Crossed: Psychopath. ?Last we saw Amanda, she and the other two surviving “livers” from Base M were happy living in their own insane delusions. ?But things are far worse now… ?Gone are the happy times and the theater of resurrection day. ?Now only the misery of the Crossed survives and a new band of strangely religious infected are driving Amanda to the breaking point.

Get in on this new chapter of misery and woe here to see what dark corners of the mind Amanda’s story goes to now. ?And you know…lurking somewhere in her subconscious the influence of Harold Lorre is waiting to be released.



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