Avatar Digital Same Day As Print Launches With ComiXology 11/6/13

Avatar Press begins same day as print availability for new comic books beginning Wednesday 11/6 on ComiXology. ?The first titles to be available digitally will be Christos Gage’s Absolution: Rubicon #5, Jonathan Hickman’s God is Dead #3, and Kieron Gillen’s Uber #7.

Absolution: Rubicon #5

Absolution5RegThe final explosive issue!? The Polymath is beaten? John Dusk has saved the day? or has he?? Even sick and dying the Polymath plans to take the city with him in a blaze of destruction.? Can even the combined might of Dusk and the police Enhanciles do what has to be done to save the city?? The final chapter sends John Dusk headlong into a dangerous future.




God is Dead #3

GodisDead3It is god-mageddon as the pantheons clash for ultimate rule.? Gods from every faith are locked in mortal combat with the Earth as the spoils.? JONATHAN HICKMAN brings the wrath of the divine to comics in?God is Dead!? A small group of human resistance fighters undertake a covert mission to recover the DNA of a fallen deity.? But can human kind, in all their arrogance, find a way to create their own secret weapon against these all powerful foes?? The doomsday clock is ticking and with each moment we are moving closer to annihilation.



Uber #7

Uber7regKIERON GILLEN?s?Uber?has taken the comics world by storm.? The war in the Pacific has changed.? With the deployment of Ubers into the naval combat, suddenly the balance of power is shifting.? The Japanese super soldiers have a specific goal and supported by their Kamikaze pilots, they are succeeding in devastating the Allied fleet.? As the Allies race to catch up to their enemies? development of Ubers, they must find a way to stem the tide of destruction raining down upon them.



Also available for the week are these backlist titles:

Absolution Rubicon 1-4

AbsolutionRubicon1regCHRISTOS GAGE takes his network television hardboiled crime sensibilities back to the violent world he created to reveal the fate of police superhero turned vigilante, John Dusk. With Dusk?s fall from grace, every scumbag lawyer in the city is leading the charge to have the criminals he put away released from prison. But the thugs are finding that life behind bars is safer than facing Dusk?s brand of permanent justice on the streets. As the body count increases, the former friends and loves in Dusk?s life face the difficult challenge of trying to bring in one of their own. With a bounty on his head and pressure mounting for his arrest, the authorities take an insane chance by unleashing an unstoppable maniac to take him down. But sometimes the cure can be far worse than the disease.

Crossed Badlands 25-28

Crossed25regCrossed creator Garth Ennis returns to his stark vision of horror for a four part tale that pits a group of war hardened soldiers on a quest to wipe out the Crossed with a biblical plague of their own. In ?The Fatal Englishman,? these warriors stop running and take the fight to the enemy! The return of GARTH ENNIS (Preacher, The Boys, Stitched) to Crossed!




Extinction Parade 3

ExtinctionParade03RegThe all-out war of the species roars on as MAX BROOKS ? author of the New York Times Best Selling novels, World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide, unleashes his zombies vs. vampires epic. Vampires have ignored the growing zombie threat for too long, feeling the zombie subdead were beneath them. Only too late do they realize that the plague has shifted the tide from annoyance to the outright annihilation of the human race. But the history of vampires has them ill-prepared to mount an offensive.



Ferals 7-12

FERALS7regularDavid Lapham and Gabriel Andrade’s hit horror series redefines modern werewolf mythology the Avatar way, with violent animal ferocity and gallons of blood! Officer Dale Chesnutt is a lawman with a big, bloody problem. Slaughtered civilians are turning up in the sleepy town of Cypress, and the burden falls on him to end the carnage. But no sooner does he begin his investigation than he finds himself violently drawn to a sexy, mysterious woman and a vicious creature strikes again at Dale’s own family. Hidden among the faces on Cypress streets, unrecognizable to neighbors and friends, a culture of werewolves dating back a thousand years has found their ancient secrets threatened… and worth tearing their enemies to pieces for.

God is dead 2

god-is-dead-2JONATHAN HICKMAN brings the wrath of the gods to comics with his new series, God is Dead! Modern man turns all his technology and destruction to bear against the deities of old. But what good are guns, tanks, and even nuclear missiles against the power of the divine? In their hubris, humans have ruled for too long. Now the gods of legend rule and to disobey them is death. But something is brewing just below the surface of the newly returned powers? A war of the gods themselves!



Uber 6

Uber6regThe second arc of Uber launches this issue as KIERON GILLEN opens a new chapter in the popular series. The first blow in the battle between English and German Ubers has been wrought and neither nation walks away whole. The war rages on in the Pacific Theatre as Japanese Kamikaze pilots attempt to drive the US forces out while delivering devastating losses to the enemy naval fleet. But the tides of war change as the Japanese deploy their own enhanced soldiers! Picking up directly after the events in Uber Vol 1, this second chapter is the perfect jump on point for new readers to experience the horrors of Uber war.

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