ComiXology Features Garth Ennis Bundles

Garth Ennis – the master of modern horror and father of Crossed, the most depraved comic series being published, is featured this week with two exclusive digital comic bundles from ComiXology. ?The bundles package all available digital editions of Dicks (10 comics) and Chronicles of Wormwood (12 comics) into affordable ordering lines that offer up to 49% off the normal prices of the books. ?The sale runs through April 13th and can be found here:

Dicks (Color) #1 Regular EditionDicks is the series that Garth Ennis has said is his favorite to work on. ?This outrageous comic series chronicles the lives to Dougie and Ivor, two morons who get into the most offensive situations ever recorded. ?Dicks is meant to offend and amuse – imagine the most insane antics you can and then multiply that by ten. ?That is what you get with the Dicks.

Chronicles of WormwoodChronicles of Wormwood is about religion. ?Well…sort of. ?See the Anti-Christ and the returned Jesus Christ are not what you think they are. ?And neither one wants to start the End of Days…but there are forces at work around them that want to force their hands. ?This irreverent series is guaranteed to change the way you look at religion and rabbits from here out.

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