Reserve Your Copy of Alan Moore’s God is Dead: Book of Acts Alpha

god-is-dead-boa-alphaThe biggest writer in comics cracks open the heavens with a story about the return to Earth of his personal god Glycon. ?Where else but Avatar will you find a story about Alan Moore himself meeting his deity during the events of the second coming?

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ?The greatest assembled team god-is-dead-boa-alpha-leatherof writers unleash all-new tales of Gods and men in the biggest event of the summer! ?Two giant-size issues could only be kicked off with the biggest writer in all of comics, ALAN MOORE, as he brings a tale only he could tell – when his personal God Glycon comes to Earth! ?Reunited with Facundo (Fashion Beast) Percio, Alan himself stars in a story about where Gods really get their power. ?Then god-is-dead-boa-alpha-end-of-daysSIMON SPURRIER redefines a lowly cherub into maybe the most destructive of all the Gods, one who knows how to use modern human weaknesses! ?And ongoing series scribe MIKE COSTA finally reveals the greatest mystery of the series – who actually killed God? ? The Alpha and the Omega, two epic tomes that you don’t want to miss! god-is-dead-boa-alpha-iconic?Available with lovely Regular, Iconic, and End of Days covers by series cover artist Jacen Burrows. ?Also a Carnage Wraparound by German Nobile and Divine and Pure Art Retailer Incentives by Burrows. ?You also don’t want to miss the Glycon Leather cover by Burrows or god-is-dead-boa-alpha-WRAPget everything at once with the Deluxe Collector Set!




Look for God is Dead: Book of Acts Alpha in the June Previews and ask your local comic shop to reserve a copy for you today.

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