Justin Jordan Gets Crossed

crossed-57-regularAt local comic shops today, Justin Jordan, the creator of The Strange Talent of Luther Strode and writer of Valiant’s Shadowman, brings his knack for creepy story telling to Avatar in Crossed: Badlands #57. ?Jordan’s tale follows the crossed-57-fatal-fantasyextremely successful and innovative Thin Red Line arc where Garth Ennis returned to his bloody world to give readers a glimpse back into the first hours of the deadly outbreak.

Now Jordan joins a host of hand picked writers who have the opportunity to carve out a corner of the Crossed world for themselves. ?This new story arc follows two crossed-57-torturewomen as the flee from the Crossed outbreak and are aided by a mysterious stranger to escape certain death. ?But trusting someone in a Crossed world could mean a horrible fate…and trusting someone you don’t know comes with a price.

crossed-57-wrapJoin the Crossed legions as they step into a new tale of misery and woe at the hands of a master horror scribe. ?There is no help. ?There is no hope. ?There is only the Crossed.

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