Avatar Press New to ComiXology 9/10/14

Avatar Press new digital releases to ComiXology Wednesday 9/10/14:

Caliban #6

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ? ? The penultimate issue of the best new horror sci-fi series of caliban-62014 is here! GARTH ENNIS turns the silent and stale corridors of space into a walking nightmare for the few remaining crewmen of the Caliban mining starship. As creeping death rounds every corner, the truth of Karien?s rampage begins to unfold. But it?s too late for salvation as the horror of the unknown becomes a miserable companion to those that cling to life on the doomed freighter. No one is safe in dead space.




Dicks End of Time #4

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ? ? ?The Boys from Belfast continue their trip through the annals DicksEOT4-regof history as they romp through time screwing up the world for just about everyone. GARTH ENNIS and JOHN MCCREA leave no insult unslung as they attempt to offend every comics reader one page at a time. Don?t miss this latest wallowing in the gutter with Dougie and Ivor, the Dicks. Available with Regular, Offensive, and Classic Moment Incentive covers by McCrea.




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