Justin Jordan & Simon Spurrier Tackle Crossed Vol 11 TPB

CrossedVol11-TPBTwo fan favorite writers team up to deliver a new volume of the vilest grueling horror in comics with Crossed Vol 11 TPB. ?This new collection includes Jordan’s first work on Crossed, his frightening story from Crossed: Badlands #57 – 61 that details two women’s attempt to outrun the Crossed and their past. ?But sometimes finding someone to save you isn’t always the best situation. ?Especially when that person has a death wish for a horde of Crossed and plans to use you to accomplish it.

CrossedVol11-HCSi Spurrier is no stranger to the world of Crossed. ?His Wish You Were Here webseries masterfully told a long form tale that was engaging and fearless. ?Now he delivers a one shot story of an asthmatic kid stranded atop a farm tower watching the Crossed just below him circle and wait for their chance at grabbing him. ?Its the kind of story that will scar you. ?As you would expect, as in a world of Crossed there is no help and there is no hope. ?There is only the Crossed.

Ask your local comic shop to reserve a copy of Crossed Vol 11 TPB for you today and join the frenzy.

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