Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 12/3/14

These are the new Avatar Press comics on sale in comic shops Wednesday 12/3/14:

Crossed +100 #1

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Alan Moore returns to monthly comics in epic fashion with Crossed+100-1-regular - CopyCrossed +100!  Set 100 years in the future, Moore has created a whole new world and history with a stunning attention to detail.  Examining how civilizations rebuild and how generations grow, Moore weaves a rich tapestry of humanity evolving under extreme hardship, all of which is Crossed+100-1-CrossedCulture - Copylushly rendered by Gabriel (Ferals) Andrade.  Archivist Future Taylor leads a salvage team working to rebuild the historical record of the original Crossed outbreak.  She’s seen them in videos, but never any live ones, the Crossed are part of the distant past.  Until suddenly, a handful appear, and the blood begins to flow.  All is not as it seems as a horrific mystery unfolds and once again Alan Moore redefines the medium.

Crossed: Badlands #67

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      David Lapham delivers a violent and bloody tale of revenge Crossed67-regthat can’t be quelled.  When a man’s world and family are systematically destroyed in front of him, something snaps Crossed67-Tortureinside.  And once that dam holding back the insanity is gone, he is capable of anything.  Now his sole purpose is make the man that wrecked his world suffer.  And the Crossed are just another obstacle to overcome on the way to revenge.  Available with Regular and Red Crossed covers by Jacen Burrows, Wraparound and Fatal Fantasy covers by Michael DiPascale, and a Torture cover by German Erramouspe.


Dark Gods #2

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Justin Jordan unleashes a vision of bleak horror as the DarkGods2-reggroup known as the Storm tries to hold back the forces that claw at your nightmares. This is the return of the Dark Gods! Tiamet has her children spreading carnage and DarkGods2-Dietypreparing for her return! Available with Wraparound cover from series artist German Erramouspe, sultry Siren cover from Christian Zanier, Regular and a Fully-Painted Deity cover by Michael DiPascale, and a special Nightmare Retailer Order Incentive cover also by Zanier.


Extinction Parade: War #5

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      The final issue of the second series epic conflict erupts into ExtinctionParadeWar5-rega super-size issue as the Army of the Bloodline is finally revealed! The war between Vampires and Zombies reaches a critical point as the long rumored Vampire army is finally assembled, preparing for a way to end this War. New York ExtinctionParadeWar5-EndSpeciesTimes Bestselling Author MAX BROOKS pushes the limits of modern horror to the breaking point in this pivotal chapter in his epic tale of undead class battle. Extinction Parade will return in 2015 with the third, and final chapter of the most epic conflict ever! Available with Regular, Wraparound, End of a Species, Leather (limited to just 1000 copies), and Bloodwashed and Pure Art Retailer Order Incentive covers, all by series artist Raulo Caceres.

Uber #20

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      1945. Days before the fall of Berlin, a secret German Uber20-regprogram for manufacturing enhanced humans turns certain defeat into unlikely victory and starts a whole new chapter in the World War. Most recently, England looses a leader in Uber20-Propagandaa terror attack on London, and the latest German technology is used to resume the naval blockade against the Allies. The hope is the Allies’ own technological edge – Heavy Panzermensch – will be enough to turn the land war. And then it’s revealed the Germans have them too… Kieron Gillen has captivated the comics’ community as the misery of super human warfare continues to unfold. Available with Regular, Wraparound, War Crimes, and Blitzkrieg covers by Caanan White and a Propaganda Poster cover by Michael DiPascale.

War Stories #3

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:       War is horror.  And no one knows how to chronicle the WarStories#3_Regbitter and bloody corners of conflict than Garth Ennis.  Is this final chapter of the first arc, the brave bomber pilots WarStories#3-NoseArthave to suffer through the worst kind of Hell to carry out their mission.  Or die trying.  Available with Regular, Wraparound, Good Girl Nose Art, and Battle Damage Retailer Incentive covers by Matt Martin.




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