Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 3/4/15

Avatar Press books new to comic shops Wednesday 3/4/15:

Crossed: Badlands #73

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      The Crossed sickness spread over every continent and city. Crossed73-regDavid Hine returns to the outbreak in Japan to spin a tale of misery as several friends must face the insane horrors of an infected society driven by bloodlust. As civilization Crossed73-FatalFantasycrumbles they must find a safe place in the heart of 125 million psychopaths. Available with Regular and Wraparound covers by Fernando Heinz, Torture cover by Christian Zanier, a Fatal Fantasy cover by Michael DiPascale, and a special Red Crossed Incentive cover also by Heinz.

Crossed +100 #3

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      When human civilization is lost, does that mean we’ve lost our Crossed+100-3-regularhumanity? Alan Moore returns to monthly comics and puts his unique stamp upon the Crossed universe, as he and artist Gabriel Andrade paint a vivid picture of the future Crossed+100-3-FutureTense100 years after the outbreak! Future Taylor and her crew uncover a horrific nest and get forced into making some brutal choices. Attempting to piece together the past and the history of the Crossed, Future Taylor is discovering the horrifying truth of the plague that nearly wiped out the human race. This multi-layered story delivers a new brand of horror to Crossed fans at the hands of the scribe that redefined the comics medium.

God is Dead #30

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:     The powerful conclusion to this chapter of God is Dead turns GodisDead30_Regthe world into powder keg. Titans have ravaged the divine and the mortal leaving the already devastated population in tatters. Is there a savior who can bring about GID30-Enchantinga return to some semblance of normalcy? Or is the world positioned to burn eternally beneath the heels of giants? Available with a Regular, End of Days, Iconic, and Gilded Retailer Incentive covers by Jacen Burrows, a Carnage Wraparound cover by German Nobile, a special Enchanting cover by Facundo Percio.

Uber #23

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      It’s the battle everyone has been waiting for, Germany’s Uber23-regSieglinde vs Russia’s Maria as the most powerful women in the World unleash their epic powers in a Battleship vs Battleship ultimate carnage-fest! Kieron Gillen unleashes Uber23-Propagandathe thunder as super-humans face-off on a level never before witnessed. Back in Blighty, Stephanie makes an eye-opening discovery. Even in the face of the terrors that are occurring worldwide, there is still hope. But will it be too little too late? Available with Regular, Wraparound, and Blitzkrieg covers by Daniel Gete, a War Crimes by Caanan White and a Propaganda Poster cover by Michael DiPascale.

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