C-Day Continues in Crossed: Badlands #76

Crossed76_RegularKieron Gillen started C-Day off this year with his new story arc “Homo Tortor” which began in Crossed: Badlands #75.  Readers were introduced to a frightening new story told in both the ancient past and the present.  In the days leading up to and just after C-Day, the world strives to survive the Crossed76-ArtDecounleashed horror of the Crossed.  One young man ties the outbreak to a college professor’s theories.  But to have any hope of finding the professor or his lost girlfriend, he must convince some serious soldiers to help him infiltrate a Crossed infected territory to find a hidden survival bunker.  And in the ancient past a tribe of bestial warriors spreads a Crossed76-MegafaunaWrapfamiliar misery across the young Earth.  How does the violent life of the blood men factor into the development of the Crossed plague?  Only time will tell…

Crossed: Badlands #76 is in comic shops and available digitally from ComiXology today!


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