Avatar Press New to ComiXology 5/6/15

These are the new Avatar Press digital items coming to ComiXology this Wednesday 5/6/15:

Crossed: Badlands #77

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:       Uber scribe, Kieron Gillen, tells a Crossed tale like no other.  Crossed77-RegularAs the modern-day group of survivors stumble upon an amazing find, the unfolding drama of the Homo Tortor 80,000 years ago unveil their greatest form of amusement,
a coliseum built to pit humans vs prehistoric beasts! Join the hunt for answers to one of history’s greatest mysteries!





God is Dead #35

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:       Decades of searching has led to an incredible find.  All of the GodisDead35_Regstories of God is Dead intersect as the master plan is revealed.  Gods, men, and would-be conquerors alike discover that the final price of absolute rule is annihilation.  The unbelievable tale being woven in God is
Dead begins to clarify and the ramifications of the story will shock you to the core!





Uber #24

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      A startling new story arc begins here in Kieron Gillen’s Uber24-Regulargroundbreaking alternate history epic!  The unbelievable aftermath of the Battleship fight between Germany’s Sieglinde and Russia’s Maria changes the very face of the war on all sides.  As the world faces devastation on a global scale, the Allies encounter new horrors in the enhanced human war to end all wars.  Will there be an end to World War II or will this conflict lead to the very death-throes of the human race?




War Stories #8

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      As the full horror of the Soviet advance becomes clear, the WarStories8-reglittle group of German refugees makes its way through the dark woods of East Prussia. Romance flares between our heroine and one of her saviors, but these German war
heroes are not all they seem. And the road to salvation is a dangerous one, growing more so with every step along it. Part two of The Last German Winter, by Garth Ennis and Tomas Aira.

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