Uber #24 in Stores Now

Uber24-RegularUber24-WarCrimesKieron Gillen’s incredible altered history war comic Uber is rolling full steam toward the end of of the first series.  Issue #24 reveals the plans for the deployment of HMH Churchill and gives a definitive look at the desperation building in the war effort.  As Germany’s Great Burn continues to level cities and entire populations, the Allies reach for a desperate gamble.  The girl who became the HMH Churchill is all but lost beneath the distortion of the super Uber24-PropagandaUber24-Wrapsoldier activation.  But her heart hasn’t changed and she has become the great hope for a way to stop the relentless march of the Nazis.


If you have not been reading the powerful story of this incredible series, make sure you stop by the local comic shop and pick up the first volumes of Uber’s Trade Paperbacks to get immersed in the world of enhanced human warfare.

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