Warren Ellis Ultimate Digital Bundle on ComiXology Through 10/11/15

Black Summer - 9781592910526 - JPEG2Warren Ellis has written some of the very best stories of every genre in comics.  Avatar is celebrating his contributions to the vast library of original tales he has created with us by offering an Ultimate Ellis Bundle sale of his digital comics and graphic novels at ComiXology.  Through Sunday 10/11/15 fans can get an amazing 91 book package of digital comics goodness for just $59.99.




The special offer includes:

SuperGodWarren Ellis – Ultimate Ellis Bundle –

Black Summer, No Hero, Supergod

Anna Mercury, Ignition City, Doktor Sleepless

Gravel, Combat Magician

Wolfskin, Black Gas

Aetheric Mechanics, Crecy,  Atmospherics, Dark Blue

crecySingle issues and GNs from this list are also on sale this week only!  Check out the full offerings on ComiXology here:   https://www.comixology.com/Warren-Ellis-Sale/page/8369

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