Max Bemis Explores Siblings Separated by Crossed Infection

Crossed89-WrapThe new issue of Crossed: Badlands #89 is in local comic book shops today.  Singer, songwriter, and comics creator, Max Bemis is delivering a very powerful tale about the real monsters in one twisted family.  One brother Crossed89-Cday-Japandid all the right things and became a responsible and successful adult.  The other was a delinquent, criminal, and ultimately a madman infected by the Crossed virus.  And as they are reunited – one infected and one not – the horrors of their childhood are once again made fresh in the midst of the Crossed89-ArtDecooutbreak.

This story is sure to leave a lasting impression on you.  The next chapter of “Shrink” is as shocking and horrifying story as you will ever read.  Come along for the scares and terror of the Crossed!



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