Christos Gage Delivers Smokey Trilogy to Crossed: Badlands

Crossed 95 RegFan favorite writer Christos Gage has earned a place of respect in the pages of Crossed: Badlands with his powerful characters and storytelling.  Since the Quisling arc debuted we’ve heard calls for Smokey the Alpha Crossed to return.  And Gage is delivering the unique monster’s story in a trilogy that will leave a scar even upon the most grizzled Crossed95-WrapCrossed readers.

The two arcs run in Crossed: Badlands up to the centennial issue this summer.  The countdown to issue #100 may very well be the countdown to the end of the world if Smokey is able to find the prize he seeks.  Get on board with a unique horror story and find out where the path ultimately takes one of Crossed’s most memorable characters.


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