Avatar Press New to Comic Shops 6/15/16

These are the new Avatar Press items coming to comic shops on Wednesday 6/15/16:

Crossed: Badlands #99

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:      Smokey the alpha-Crossed has seen the future.  He envisions a Crossed99-regcivilization based upon his particular visions of widespread cruelty and horror.  And now he intends to see that masterwork of misery paint the world in blood.  This is a new startling story from the mind of screenwriter Christos Gage as he takes us to a place like no other – inside the mind of a monster.  Enjoy a terrifying tale from Crossed99-Wrapthe world of the Crossed and beware what horrors are waiting for you around the next corner.  There is no help and there is no hope.  There is only the Crossed.  Available with Regular & Torture Cover by Raulo Caceres, Wraparound Cover by Daniel Gete, Art Deco Cover by Michael DiPascale,  C-Day Worldwide Cover by German Nobile, and Red Crossed Incentive Cover also by Caceres.

Mercury Heat #10

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:     The infection on Mercury is revealed to be none other than the MH#10_regularlegendary Crossed disease, but how can that be?  That was a work of fiction, right?  Now Luiza finds herself in a position of having to eradicate this rapidly spreading horror MH#10_ExcessiveForcebefore it can overtake the population of the mining town.  Luiza is earning her pay on this mission!  Available with Regular, Wraparound, Art Nouveau, and Excessive Force by series artist Nahuel Lopez.


Ask your local comic shop retailer to reserve copies for you today!


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