Penultimate Issue of Crossed Badlands #99 is Here

Crossed99-regCrossed Badlands #99 is in comic shops right now.  This is the next to last issue of the long running survival horror series and brings to a close Christos Gage’s “Smokey Trilogy.”  The fan favorite character is the perfect choice to Crossed99-tortureclose out the series on a powerful and violent note.  When the Alpha male meets the Alpha females, somethings gotta give.  And Smokey’s vision for a future where Crossed evolve and survive may not be the same thing the twins want.

Crossed99-WrapIf you’ve been reading Crossed Badlands these last several years, make sure you are there when it comes to an end with the milestone issue #100 next month.  News on the future of Crossed beyond this series is forthcoming soon with a big new announcement.

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