New in Previews: Uber Invasion #1!

unnamedIt’s back!  Kieron Gillen’s unforgettable altered history World War II epic returns with a vengeance in the pages of the October Previews (new in comic shops today!)  Uber tells the 22c60f6fa547169f15acef8d1f5d1c1f_originalpowerful tale of a world that took a different course.  Instead of the end of the war, the Nazis unleashed a new horror that truly created global misery.  And now – as the Nazi war machine continues to lay waste to Europe, a new target

16b85a09f248f0b68a32cf4af5544a2f_originalHitler’s master stroke is enacted and the enhanced Uber soldiers invade the United States!  If you are a fan of Kieron Gillen’s unbelievably good series, make sure you ask your local comic book shop to stock the new series and help us spread the word!



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